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Our Mission

Our goal is to encourage, inspire, and open opportunities for healing through art. It is our commitment to continue striving to serve as a beacon of hope for children with special needs and their families.

We are a creative space for children struggling with disabilities and social disadvantages, providing healing and mindfulness, and allowing our students to express their creativity through art.



We envision a place where a child’s creativity is brought to life and therefore begins the healing process.

We envision a child that is healed by his or her own expressive process that allows them to feel heard and seen in a supportive environment.


Hello I’m Vicky Lee

Thank you for joining me, let’s Create!

“I am here for children in our community who for some reason or another do not fit into the "Normal". I'm Sharing my gift of creativity to enhance the lives of children affected by learning disabilities, physical challenges, economical and social disadvantages.”

I'm a mom to 3 beautiful children including one cancer warrior that's a 2x brain tumor survivor, as of 2020 he's a 4x brain tumor survivor. I have first-hand experience with how challenging it can be to celebrate a child that doesn't fit in with everyone else's normal. 

Before creating our art school, I enjoyed interacting with my community as an outreach coordinator and educator at Jacob's Heart Pediatric Cancer Support Services, and at the present time, I'm a peer-to-peer mentor at the Brain Tumor Foundation in Los Angeles. I have worked with children and families with learning disabilities for 20 years and utilize the positive parenting model. Additionally, I'm certified in applied behavioral analysis (ABA), meditation, visualization, and stress reduction techniques all while homeschooling my daughter for nearly 7 years.

I Love Art and the tranquility that it's brought me during difficult times throughout my entire life. I also enjoy fundraising and organizing community events, and I've had the privilege of living in Monterey County for 18 years.

I'm currently a PH.D. student of Clinical Psychology with a focus on Creative Studies (Art Therapy). I have a B.S. in Psychology and a certification in Art Therapy.  For more about my background visit:

Say Hi to Ostara

Ostara is a healer who shares her gifts by using the power of art, music as well as being an instructor of meditation practices. Composing music of various genres helps her to stay connected to other dimensions, for example, the faerie races. The music acts as a bridge to anchor higher dimensional energies onto the earth. Ostara can channel angels to help increase light frequency through resonance like harmonics in sound because all of our souls are connected; this also helps her express emotion in an honest and unfiltered way. As a board member, Ostara supports Vicky’s art school because it gives children a means to express themselves in ways beyond the confines of conventional language. Such a cathartic process is very healing not only for children but also for the inner child that may be repressed in an adult. It is a chance to embrace that which is wild, beautiful, and free. It is affirming to one’s confidence because no matter what limitations a person encounters, they can still realize the sacred, creative power within. Ostara received her B.A. at Amherst College in mysticism and her M.F.A. at the University of Michigan. If you would like to see some of Ostara’s music and art, please visit her website:
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