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Consulting Services

Consulting for pediatric healthcare

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Pediatric Healthcare Services

When a family receives a life threatening diagnosis from a doctor, what next?

I help you navigate the healthcare system.  Starting with the first visit with your healthcare provider, I give you the tools to get through the daunting journey that is, the best possible medical care for your child.

Resources and Advocacy

Do you need help finding resources?  If so, I can help.  Here's what I can provide:

1) Peer-to-Peer Mentoring.

2) Support groups specific to your diagnosis.

3) Research experts in the field for the the best

    medical  care.

4) Liaison between you and your medical team.

5) Referrals for services.

6) Creation of fundraisers for your families needs.

7) IEP and 504 plan assistance for school re-entry

Family and Social Worker

No charge for your first consultation!

I offer you the resources you need to navigate through the entire process of raising a child with complex healthcare needs.  With a free one-hour consultation we together access your needs.  From there I work with you until you are confident navigating your child's healthcare journey.

~ Victoria Pearl Consulting

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